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ARM Cortex support coming soon

We’ve been busy over the last month or so developing firmware for wAVR which will turn it into a fully-fledged ARM Cortex-M programmer and debugger!

The ARM firmware recognises and supports all (we hope) Microchip SAM ARM Cortex-M micro controllers and there are plans to extend that support to include Cortex-M based micro controllers from other manufacturers. After that, the roadmap includes support for Cortex-A SoCs.

Using its built-in GDB server, you can connect GDB for ARM directly to wAVR using the “target extended-remote” command. No additional software is required. Most other USB-based debuggers require an additional program such as OpenOCD to act as the middle-man between GDB and the target. The new ARM firmware does away completely with the need for a middle-man. There are no fiddly configuration files; it works straight out the box with your SAM micro. GDB features like single-step, breakpoints (soft and hard), watchpoints, loading to Flash, etc, are all supported.

In future update we plan to add support for additional families of ARM micro controllers from other manufacturers such as the STM32 range from ST Microelectronics.

Right now development continues a-pace on the ARM firmware and it should be ready real soon now. Watch this space!