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Firmware Updates

We are pleased to announce the availability of a firmware update for both Maven and wAVR. Version 1.5 is a combination of new features, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

Both products benefit from the following changes:

  • Many improvements to networking performance and reliability.
  • Communication with the WiFi module is now using DMA.
  • Task priorities have been adjusted to improve network throughput.
  • Much improved serial console support (telnet terminal server). You can now, optionally, convert a bare LF character into a CRLF sequence.The firmware is also now far less likely to drop characters at high baud rates.

Maven also benefits from the following additions:

  • Flash programming is now much faster for most targets. Maven downloads a small applet into the target’s SRAM, to be executed by the CPU core under Maven’s control. The applet performs much of the heavy lifting involved in programming Flash. Maven firmware simply writes the Flash contents into a circular RAM buffer, while the applet does the rest. For Microchip SAM devices, Flash programming performance has doubled to between 40 and 50 KB/sec. For STMicro STM32F devices, Flash programming performance is significantly improved from under 10 KB/sec to between 40 and 50 KB/sec.
  • Performance of the low-level Single Wire Debug (SWD) code has been improved to reduce latency and increase throughput, improving responsiveness within GDB.
  • The target’s details, such as vendor name and SoC designation, are shown on the OLED display when first connected.
  • Many more devices from STMicro are supported, including all (known!) devices in the STM32F0, F1, F4, and F7 ranges.
  • Device security bits/protection modes are supported on all STM32F devices – Maven can set protection on supported devices, and clear protection when possible. The same facility is available on DSU-equipped Microchip SAM parts.
  • Programming the NVM User Row (on SAM devices) and Option Bytes (on STM32F devices) is supported.

Version 1.5 is available here for Maven, and here for wAVR.