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Maybe some firmware updates coming soon

So wAVR seems to be garnering some interest now and sales are beginning to pick up, which is great! Firmware development continues, although not much progress on ARM support as I’m undecided whether to go down the OpenOCD path or to do everything on-board. The latter will mean the firmware would need to have all the parameters for all the supported ARM CPUs “built-in”. Some more thought required I think.

In other news, prompted by a comment on AVR Freaks, I’ve been working on UPDI support. This is the one-wire interface/protocol used by the newest ATTiny range. The good news is that wAVR’s hardware can support it with just a firmware update. In addition, it’s given me a reason to revisit the low-level PDI physical layer code so that it can support both PDI and UPDI. The current firmware doesn’t cope well with PDI clock rates much above the default of 1MHz. However as part of the refactoring I’ve added DMA support for PDI data transfers. This allows wAVR to program XMega devices with PDI clock rates as high as 10MHz. The limiting factor, from a performance point of view, is now the turnaround time of the PDI line. Adding UPDI will require some patches to avrdude to extend its existing UPDI code so that it can be used via the jtagmkII (Dragon) protocol. I have this mostly done already.

I will likely back-port the PDI DMA support (minus the UPDI code sadly) into the currently shipping version 1.0 firmware over the next week or two so keep an eye out for news of an update!